Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Move Home

"Where the Lord plants us, there we are to stand; when He requires us to exert ourselves for the support of these holy principles, that we are to do; that is all we need to trouble ourselves about; the rest our Heavenly Father will take care of."

Wow. It has been ages since I posted. Life has gotten me good. Over the past two weeks, I have been super busy with school finishing up my semester, packing up my dorm, saying goodbyes, and actually moving home, then working on cleaning and redecorating my bedroom. My days have been packed to say the least. 

Again in this post I'll talk about how grateful I am for priesthood blessings. I asked if the elders (boy missionaries) could come over and give me a blessing before I left for home, just for extra strength during this transition. This week we got a new elder in my college town, and he was the one who gave my blessing. And I was reminded how great the priesthood is, and that these blessing really do come from Heavenly Father, because it didn't matter at all that I'd just met this person. The blessing was perfect. 

Good news! Sister D2, who is currently serving in my college town ward, started her mission in my family's city. Which means she knows everyone in my new ward, because it's her old ward. She's told people to be on the lookout and take care of me. I was able to attend church in my home city last weekend and this weekend, when I met three or four couples who all know who I am from D2's emails. I am feeling okay about it. Not great, because it's not home yet, but okay. This ward is also a LOT bigger than what I came from, so that will take some adjusting. Overall, I think the switch will be okay. 

I am so grateful for email, so the Sisters in my college ward can keep me posted on the investigators up there (two ladies just set dates for baptism, and I am so excited for both of them!). 

I also still love being able to talk to Sister A and hear about her investigators and companions. I really love that Sister A still helps me, whether she realizes it or not. This week, she really helped me feel more confident about my transition and my family. I'm the only member of the Church in my family. I love the gospel very much, and I want to share this experience with these people because I love them and I know they'd love it, too. But it's been hard. At college, we had family home evening with all the college kids whose families were far away. My little sister at home knew that we always had "Monday dinners at TK's." When I announced that I was moving home, she asked "What about Monday dinner's at TK's?" My dad answered, "We can have Monday dinner here" - great! I was hoping to hold FHE here, and it was looking like it was going to work out! I told Sister A, and she said "FHE THAT IS SO EXCITING. They're going to make it one day. I know it. One day. Just keep watching and waiting." I also told about my uneasiness about my new ward, to which she replied, "I know that you will find your place in your new ward. It will take time and trust and patience and hope and all those wonderful things that Christ taught us how to be, but you will find your place." She's the best.

Now, I'm starting to believe for myself that things will work out here. The ward has been okay, my family has been okay, and every day the Spirit reminds me that I'm supposed to be here with my family. I know that families are important to Heavenly Father. It brings me joy to know that I am doing what He wants me to do here.

Sometimes, Heavenly Father asks us to do hard things. But I know that when He does, He will be with us every step of the way, leading us on to victory.

God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be—
This is how He shares His love, for the fam’ly is of God.

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