Why Sprinkles? 

I love sprinkles. So much. Especially on ice cream.
The fall before I was baptized, I was new to the ward and didn't know anyone. Two girls from my Institute class invited me to a football game a few days later. It was the first night we'd hung out. We got to talking about the gospel, and decided that we could not stop talking just because the game was over. So we went to Walmart for ice cream. I asked if we were going to get sprinkles. One new friend looked at me like I was crazy - "On ice cream?" she asked. Uh, yes, duh, what else do you put sprinkles on??? That night was the first time this friend had eaten sprinkles on her ice cream, EVER. So now, every time we have ice cream, she picks up sprinkles because she knows they're my favorite. A few months ago, another friend in our church decided that "Sprinkles" would be a good nickname, just because I love them so much. So I've adopted "Sprinkles." 

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